Kimberly L Wright is a spiritual guide, author and speaker. Kimberlys clear vision helps give you an opportunity to open the awareness to what exists beyond the physical world many believe they live in. Our purpose is to align with the higher self and awaken the memory of truth that lives within us.

Kimberly's ability to guide and hold a space in which participants may have a direct experience of awakening is one that can only be described through the personal experience of participation.

Kimberly L Wright

Spiritual development

Spiritual truths

Life Coaching

Self Identity issues

Breathe work sessions

Sacred Rapè sessions

Meditation journeys

Sessions in person - Houston, TX or Friendswood ,TX area -  or via phone or skype - 121.00 an hour - sliding fee available

When you find the way, others will find you.
Passing on the road, they will be drawn to your door.
The way that cannot be heard will be echoed in your voice.
The way that cannot be seen will be reflected in your eyes.
                            -- Lao-tzu

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