Being Conscious

BelieveI was watching Star is  Born, I watched  out of the eyes of God/Universe.

We believe the story that we think we are experiencing so strongly and if we aren’t strong in our knowing that the story isn’t who we are, anyone can create a doubt within us including ourselves. And that doubt can trigger the beliefs we have about ourselves with devastating results.

I bring this up for 2 reasons

First, it’s so important when changing a long held belief about yourself that you work diligently on the God muscle within you. Because you are not your story, you are just God/Universe expressing itself in all its magnificence. Everything else you believe are just downloads that we received from others that believed theirs. They have evolved over the centuries and as they have passed from one being to another they became further away from our truth. So, I can’t say this strongly enough….

it’s so important as you elevate yourself to stay grounded in the knowing that your story isn’t true, that you are not a human being having this experience. You are a Spiritual being having an experience, that’s it. The downloads and beliefs you have are all mind made, and they aren’t there to make you feel good about yourself or others most of the time.

2nd…we are all in this together as one, and we have a responsibility to lift each other up. The commandment that says treated your neighbor as your yourself needs to be upgraded…it should say if you don’t feel good about yourself don’t inflict yourself on others. Because most are treating their neighbor as themselves. It’s out pictured daily, just turn in the TV.

So my heartfelt wish is that we all start taking responsibility for our evolvement as Spiritual beings. Stop believing what the mind tells you, take back control and see the Magnificent expression that’s all around you, in each person you see, in each experience you choose to have while you are here.

We choose what this looks like and we can change it anytime just buy changing the eyes we see out of…

Each of us has a responsibility to step up and look out of the eyes of Love.

Because that truly is all that’s here.

The rest is an mind illusion that is so deeply believed by the collective that we are hurting ourselves and others because we don’t choose LOVE!

Choose LOVE!! For yourself and everyone around you.

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