Your Self is like space, but it is not inert like space;
it’s not sterile or dead. It is subtler than space.
The highest intelligence is functioning there,
but it is not personal.
All of manifestation took form inside the great space,
and that fluid dynamic consciousness is a breath arising
also from the great space itself.

Let’s say that the Great Space, being ever only Itself,
wished to taste experiencing, but in order to experience
there must be at least two—the experiencer
and the thing experienced or perceived.
You need a body in order to have ‘two’,
because if there is nothing, there is not even one.
Then, when there is something, there can be one and two.

When you start counting, where do you start?
‘One, two, three…’ You start at one, not zero.
Zero you don’t count.
This place, this space of zero is there before any counting.
‘Counting’ here means any concept, any perceiving,
anything tangible, anything moving. Anything that comes
through the senses or the mind, that is a number
—one, two, three, four, five, six, seven—and you are zero.

It is the most powerful, this zero.
If it was one, then maybe everything would take
their meaning in relationship to that one,
but zero is before relationship.

Your starting place is in zero
beyond the concept of zero-ness.
Everything is born in front of you and you can perceive it,
yet none of it can alter what you are.
The only way it can affect you is that aspect of yourself
that entered into manifestation through this body sense
and began feeling, ‘I am, I exist,’ and became a ‘thing’,
a number.

The sense of being inside the body, this is also you,
but this one gave birth to the millions, trillions.
This one who feels the sense of ‘I’ and ‘you’
gave birth to millions,
but where it came from, there is no number there.
And it is always connected to the absolute nothing
through some umbilical cord that cannot be seen.
It is one with the One, but this One is also zero.

Through this expression ‘I am’
came the millions of things to be perceived,
but the perceiver, actually, should know itself as zero.
But if not zero, it must know itself as one.

I wonder if you follow?

Because of the zero, the one came.
Because of the one, the billions came.
And the one must be swallowed in the zero
—in fact, the one is the zero appearing as one and billions.
This is the great mystery, but for whom?

If you understand somehow in your heart
my strange mathematics,
it will explain and reveal everything.
All these things are revealed through waves of illumination
arising spontaneously from inside you.
Without effort the awakened one comes to know.
This knowing is the fruit of the primal mind.

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